Gaumard Demo

WISER Hosts Gaumard Scientific Simulator DemonstrationsWISER Highlights Winter 2023WISER strives to maintain its’ leadership in understanding the most current technology available in the simulation industry. This time, the need is personal. WISER is expanding. In...

SIMS 2022 Wrap Up!

SIMS Improves in 2022, Offers More Tools To ClientsWISER Highlights Winter 2023As the new year begins, we reflect back at some of the highlights of SIMS over 2022. In addition to bringing on new clients, we also migrated over half a dozen existing clients to the new...

Kazakhstan delegates visit WISER

Kazakhstan delegates visit WISER

WISER hosts delegates from Kazakhstan in collaboration with UPMC InternationalWISER Highlights Winter 2023WISER Director of Operations Tom Dongilli and Manager of Simulation Services Marty Mayer provided an interactive tour and presentation to delegates from...

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Reports in SIMS

Reports in SIMSWISER Highlights Spring 2023As the weather warms and the buds start to sprout in Pittsburgh, our thoughts turn to...the end of the academic year and SIMS reports! As we are nearing July, and our academic year is finishing, now is when we start to look...

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WISER Academy – Essentials of Sim Center Management

WISER Academy: Essentials of Sim Center ManagementWISER Highlights Spring 2023While WISER’s daily operations focus largely on the needs of future and current healthcare providers, the instructors that facilitate the courses also deserve a space to develop and hone...

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