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Simulation Operations Specialists Training Program

WISER is proud to offer our new Simulation Operations Specialists Training program!  

This program was developed through a collaboration between WISER and the following sites:

  • SimTiki - University of Hawaii
  • Summa Health Virtual Care Simulation Lab
  • Gordon Center - University of Miami.

We are offering both an online and onsite program! Access to TechSim: Online will allow you to navigate content topics at your own pace.  

If you prefer a more hands-on experience and additional content, participants are encouraged to attend a 1.5 day interactive training program, TechSim: Onsite.  The onsite program features a self-paced, online exploration of relevant topics followed by onsite workshops.

In both the online and onsite course, a variety of topics will be covered that are designed to educate simulation technicians / operations personnel on the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center. The content topics were mapped to the SSH CHSOS Examination Blueprint.

Topics include: 

  • Simulation Center Technology
  • Scenario Creation
  • Repair and Maintenance Considerations
  • Running Sim Sessions
  • and much more!  
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