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Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist Training Program (TechSim)

WISER is proud to offer our new Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists Training Programs (TechSim)


These training programs are designed to educate healthcare simulation operations specialists (HSOS) on the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center.

TechSim consist of three course options. TechSim Online (OL), TechSim Onsite(OS), and TechSim Preview(PREV).

Each course is mapped to the SSiH CHSOS Examination Blueprint. TechSim Online offers 15 CPD credits for those already CHSOS or CHSE certified. TechSim OS is eligible for 14 CPD credits for those already CHSOS or CHSE certified.

TechSim Online consists of over 40 detailed topics with lectures, content, videos, and forms related to the job functionality of the healthcare simulation operations specialist.

TechSim Onsite is designed for those that want access to the online content and interested in spending 1.5 days on site at WISER to gain hands on experiences in one of the world’s busiest simulation centers.

Not sure if TechSim is for you? Try our free access to TechSim Preview. This course will give you access to some modules in the TechSim OL and TechSim OS courses.

Topics Include:

Concepts in Healthcare

Healthcare Simulation Practices

Roles and Responsibilities of Simulation Operations Specialist

Understanding Simulation Terminology

Supply and Inventory Management

Repair and Maintenance

Audio Visual Considerations

IT Considerations

The Simulation Operations Specialist Role in Curriculum Development Process

Role of the Simulation Operations Specialist in Debriefing

Calendar Management

Scenario Design

Certification Considerations

TechSim Online cost:  $295

TechSim Onsite cost:  $495

TechSim PREV cost: It’s Free!!!

The onsite and online  courses are eligible for 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

These courses are always open and always available for registering! Please ignore the class dates, contact wiserhelp@upmc.edu if you have any questions.

Register for TechSim Online(OL)

Register for TechSim Onsite(OS)

Register for TechSim Preview(PREV)