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West-China Hospital Group Visits WISER
West-China Hospital Group Visits WISER

On July 6, 2007, WISER was visited by prominent faculty members from the School of Medicine at Sichuan University in Chengdu, the West China Provinse capital. The West China University Hospital has over 4,300 beds and 15 ICUs.


One of the ICU's is located in the Emergency Department for direct ICU admission of emergency cases which after resuscitation, including emergent surgery, initiation of  life support and immediate diagnostic work up are transferred to other facilities as indicated. This enormous hospital is the largest in China and probably in the entire world.


A multistory education facility has just been completed with three stories dedicated to simulation training to open in September this year. The group visited WISER for a full day of studying our simulation center at Pitt. The group included Dr Zong-Gusng Zhou, Professor of Surgery, Vice Dean of the School of Medicine and Deputy Director of the University Hospital; Professor Xynthia Zou, Chief of Anesthesia and Intensive Care; and Professor Liu, Director of Education. Laerdal Medical was represented by Mr Ricky Lee, manager of the Greater China Region.


Dr Paul Phrampus and Tom Dongilli gave presentations of the various functions of WISER with the Chengdu physicians asking numerous and most relevant questions, indicating their appreciation and great interest in the topic of simulation in medical education