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My Portfolio > Article Archive > Dr. Paul Phrampus Speaks at 6th Annual UPMC Shadyside Conference

Dr. Paul Phrampus Speaks at the 6th Annual UPMC Shadyside Communication Conference

Dr. Paul Phrampus, WISER Director and Medical Director for Patient Safety, UPMC Health System, was a guest speaker at the 6th Annual UPMC Shadyside Communication Conference, held on February 16th.   The year’s conference, “Safety Is at the Heart of It”,  was well attended by physicians, nurses and patient safety advocates, which focused on the critical role safety plays in healthcare. WISER contributes to this role in that it creates a safer environment for patients by using simulation, as well as educational methods, in the training and assessment of healthcare professionals and students. Among the many talks was Dr. Phrampus’ “Safety Culture and Patient Safety – Are They Related?”, which covered the critical relationship the two have within the health system.