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WISER at 2006 ATA

ATA 2006WISER recently participated at the 11th annual American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Conference at the San Diego Convention Center in conjunction with UPMC's Integrated Medical Information Technology System (IMITS) conference. Faculty and staff from WISER demonstrated the capabilities of Simulation Based Education highlighting aspects of the WISER Simulation Information Management System (SIMS), and the Nursing Back Injury Prevention Project. WISER demonstrated the incorporation of the Laerdal SimMan into the education process. Also featured was the interactive instructional game called Rapid Response Sim which was developed by Silver Tree Media, a Pittsburgh Based computer game company. Silver Tree worked with WISER faculty Michael Devita, MD to develop the game which is utilitized as a training tool in team training courses. Tremendous interest was generated regarding simulation based education and the potential applications for the healthcare community.