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Dr. Curtiss Porter tours WISER

On Friday, October 3rd Dr. Curtiss Porter, Chief Education and Community Re-Investment Officer for the Office of Mayor William Peduto, visited WISER. Dr. Porter graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and later became the chair of the Department of Black Community Education and Research and Development. Currently, as Chief Education & Neighborhood Reinvestment Officer, Dr. Porter supervises all education, workforce training, and neighborhood reinvestment initiatives of the Pittsburgh city government. He also serves as Mayor Peduto's liaison to Pittsburgh Public Schools and oversees the Equal Opportunity & Review Commission.

During his visit, Dr. Porter met with Dr. Paul Phrampus who gave a presentation describing WISER's mission to foster a safer environment for patients and create excellent simulation based education programs.  Following the presentation, Dr. Porter was given a tour of WISER's facilities. 

WISER would like to thank Dr. Porter for visiting! We look forward to working together in the future on workforce development and programs that benefit the city of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Phrampus demonstrating an airway case to Dr. Porter Dr. Phrampus demonstrates our new ultrasound technology