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WISER Utilizes New CAE VIMEDIX Ultrasound Simulator In Point of Care Ultrasound Course

As part of its mission to increase ultrasound training and utilization, WISER recently purchased the CAE VIMEDIX Ultrasound Simulator.  VIMEDIX is a ground-breaking echocardiography training platform that offers on-demand learning without risk to live patients. Using computer-generated echo simulation, VIMEDIX teaches learners how to perform cardiac echo imaging procedures and interpret the scanned ultrasound images. 

The first course that it was offered in was the POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound Simulations) Course.  This course director for this course is Dr. Christopher Schott.  POCUS serves as an introduction to the use of point of care ultrasonography. The course exposes participants to the use of focused, point of care ultrasonography to make bedside clinical decisions for the care of acutely ill patients. POCUS is one of the most rapid growing skills in contemporary medicine. It has spread from specific use by Cardiology, OBGYN & Radiology to broader applications for virtually any organ system or procedural guidance.  WISER has begun incorporating this technology into more courses that are offered at WISER involving the use of ultrasound technology.