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Two WISER Faculty Earn Prestegious Chancellor's Distinguised Teaching Award

Richard Henker and Amy SeybertIn January 2006 Richard Henker CRNA, PhD was awarded the prestigious Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award acknowledging his work in human simulation education, distance education, and international volunteerism .

*Henker was recognized for contributing to undergraduate and graduate nursing education. "The teaching mission of your department and school have been strengthened by your mentoring of new faculty, your extensive committee involvement, and your leadership role in curricular development that produced four new majors," (Chancellor) Nordenberg wrote to Henker. "Your skill as a teacher has been demonstrated in large-group lectures, small seminars, simulation experiences, skills labs, and clinical settings. Whatever the context, your students admire your ability to synthesize and explain complex material, your enthusiasm for and love of teaching, your supportiveness, humor, insight, and your high degree of professionalism. 

"Your distance education students benefit from your use of innovative technology, and the simulation experiences that you designed for the nurse anesthesia students have enhanced their preparation," Nordenberg added. "Your volunteer teaching in Cambodia illustrates the high degree of commitment you have to your field. Your teaching excellence has been honored by your school, its alumni association, and several professional associations."

Dr. Amy Seybert, assistant professor of pharmacy and therapeutics, is being honored by receiving the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. In addition to being a superb classroom and experiential teacher, Amy has combined scholarship with her innovations. Amy incorporated the patient simulators at the WISER Center and has a manuscript in press about the work.

She was honored at the Honors Convocation on February 24, 2006 and will again be honored at a reception later this year. She will have her name inscribed on a bronze plaque in the William Pitt Student Union, and will receive a grant to support her work.

Chancellor Nordenberg has commented that "The very existence of this award underscores the high institutional priority that we assign to our educational mission." I am very proud that one of our faculty is among the four faculty members university-wide to receive this honor.

*Excerpted from the Pitt Chronicle- January 2006