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WISER Welcomes Medical School Alumni Reunion Tour

As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, WISER participated in the annual Medical School Alumni Reunion Weekend which took place May 15th-19th 2014. WISER was invited to be a part of this event and toured a group of alumni through the center on Saturday, May 17th.  WISER welcomed back the alumni to see what is currently happening at the center, and where the simulation and education community is heading in the future.
The program opened with a presentation by WISER's director, Dr. Paul E. Phrampus, where he led a discussion on the history of WISER's establishment and outlined some of our  future goals and plans. Hands-on tours throughout the center were led by 3rd year medical students and WISER staff.  The alumni toured through ten Medical Education Theater (MET) rooms which were uniquely set up with cutting edge equipment and technologies that are commonly used at WISER. Guests were able to see firsthand the important role that WISER plays in patient safety and health care education, and how it constantly works towards its mission of creating a safer patient environment in our hospitals. 

Several Alumni practicing intibation on SimBaby

Alumni using the Panasonic VR system 

Alumni being led by Pitt Med Student are shown how to use  the Glidescope to practice intibation