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WISER Celebrates 2 years at New Facility

WISER Celebrates 2 years at the New Facility

Two years have passed since WISER in January, 2004, moved to its permanent location in the McKee Place Building. In this 11,000 sq ft facility there are now 16 full size medical simulators ( all Laerdal SimMan ) and a large number of partial task trainers, serving the simulation training needs of our 20 hospital medical center health system (UPMCHS) and the University of Pittsburgh Health Science Schools, emphasizing medical and nursing training, patient safety and educational research. Under the continued leadership of the WISER Medical Director, Dr John J. Schaefer, and the expert staff at WISER has further developed and improved the technical design and software programming, incorporated within the SimMan platform.

In FY2005 WISER experienced significant growth in the on line course content and in the recruitment of facilitators. WISER currently has 118 active course facilitators. While the School of Medicine remains the largest user, there has been a large increase in utilization by the School of Nursing and UPMC.

WISER continues to publish data on training and advancement in the field of Medical Simulation and is recognized throughout the world as a premiere Simulation center. WISER continues to develop its infrastructure, and Simulation Information Management System (SIMS).

In Academic year 2004-2005 WISER trained over 9,000 student encounters in more than 1400 classes and over 7000 simulations with immediate real time trainee feedback. In our continued effort to provide quality education at all levels in various specialties, WISER in conjunction with the School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education developed CME accredited courses for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.