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My Portfolio > Article Archive > WISER Nursing Symposium featured on Healthy Simulation.com

WISER Nursing Symposium featured on Healthy Simulation.com

Recently the 6th Annual WISER Nursing Symposium was featured on Healthy Simulation.com.  The goal of HealthySimulation.com is to provide unfiltered resources and honest advice to those developing or operating a healthcare simulation program. Through tutorials, program showcasing, product previews and reviews, resource sharing and more, HealthySimulation.com is quickly becoming the premiere independent resource webpage for the healthcare simulation community.  To read the article about the symposium, please visit WISER Nursing Symposium.

Also featured on Healthy Simulation.com this month is part one of an interview with WISER Director, Dr. Paul Phrampus that was conducted by Healthy Simulcation.com founder, Lance Bailey.   The article focuses on the Dr. Phrampus' arrival in Pittsburgh 15 years ago and the relation between the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC.  To see the full transcript, please visit Part 1 of Dr. Phrampus interview