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Dr. Grenvik Retiring from the Laerdal Foundation Board

Dr Grenvik Retiring from the Laerdal Foundation Board

After 25 years of service, Ake Grenvik, MD, PhD, on July 1, 2005, is retiring from the Board of the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine in Stavanger, Norway. This is the largest private Norwegian foundation supporting research, teaching and simulation in medical education. From a relatively small start in 1980 with NK 10 M in funding, the Foundation has grown to a size of NK 250 M, i.e. approx. US $40 M. Over the 25 years, some 1,400 projects have been awarded grants worldwide with an average amount of $10,000. Numerous seed money type grants have benefitted Pitt CCM fellows and junior faculty members. Major grants have also been awarded to prominent research and teaching institutions, including both SCRR (repetitious support over many years, since the late Dr Safar founded his International Resuscitation Research Center, which has continued during Dr Kochanek's leadership) and WISER (a 3 year establishment support of $1 M which together with matching local funds made it possible to create one of the largest and best simulation centers in the world under Dr Schaefer's Directorship).

Mr Tore Laerdal presented Dr Grenvik with a gorgeous pewter vase, designed by a Stavanger artist. The Laerdal Foundation Board members at its May 26, 2005 meeting in Oslo, Norway.