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My Portfolio > Article Archive > Chinese VIPs Visist WISER on April 21, 2005

Chinese VIPs Visist WISER on April 21, 2005

Dr. Li Zhang is a graduate of Xiangya Medical School at the South Central University in China. Currently he holds a position as an assistant professor in the Pitt Department of Anesthesiology, involved in OR Anesthesiology, teaching of faculty, residents and medical students at WISER and performing research. With the rapid development of modern medical education in China, he arranged for a visit to WISER by dignitaries of his prominent alma mater. On April 21, Professor Tie-Hui Hu, MD, as the Senior Vice Chancellor of the Health Care System at South Central University was accompanied by Professor Beng-Liang Yin, MD, President and CEO of Xiangya 2nd Hospital and Dr. Yi Bai, MD, Director, President Office at South Central University as well as Ms. Sheng of the Foreign Affair Office at that University, all spent several hours at WISER. Dr. John Schaefer as the Medical Director of WISER provided an oversight of its history and current functions.

The Chinese visitors and their WISER hosts from left to right are: Ms. Sheng, Dr. Bai, Dr Zhang, Dr. Grenvik, Prof.Yin, Prof. Hu, Dr. Schaefer and Mr. Schmitt.

Dr. Li Zhang served as the translator. An extensive tour of the WISER facility gave the visitors an opportunity to observe ongoing simulation training of nurses by Mr. John O'Donnell and of medical students by Drs. Paul Rogers and Susan Dunmire. Dr. DeVita was also providing his outstanding team training course to various UPMC personnel at the time. Mr. Tom Dongilli described courses offered at WISER, and Mr. Steven Schmitt as CEO of SimMedical described how UPMC can help various medical centers within and outside the US in designing simulation facilities. This visit was very much appreciated by the Chinese. Both Dr. Schaefer and Mr. Scmitt received an open invitation to visit the South Central University in the near future. The group rounded off their stay with a visit to Steven Kanter, MD, Vice Dean of the Pitt Medical School.