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WISER Educates Congress on Healthcare Simulation
WISER Educates Congress

WISER helped to educate members of Congress and their aides on the importance of simulation in healthcare training as part of the 1st Annual Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Exhibition held on Capitol Hill on July 13, 2006. The Modeling and Simulation Caucus was founded by Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia with the purpose of educating Congressional members on the importance of simulation training in a growing number of fields of national importance. The exhibition featured various domains including the healthcare, defense and engineering fields. During this inaugural exhibition, Congressman Forbes shared comments on why simulation is important in saving lives and protecting our national security while also providing the economic benefits of job creation in the growing modeling and simulation industry. Representatives Thelma Drake, Tom Feeny, Bobby Scott and Rob Simmons also made comments supporting the need for simulation technologies. In the midst of applications predominantly designed to meet combat training needs, WISER and CIMMIT represented the use of simulation for healthcare applications. Continuing on the mission of the AIMS Conference in May, WISER team members, Christine Barton and Beth Sanchez brought the simulation experience to the Capitol House Building in order to teach Congress members, their staff and interested individuals about the value of simulation in training healthcare professionals.