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The Train the Trainers Courses at WISER Exceedingly Successful and Popular

Ten years ago there were very few medical simulators. Today there are close to 500 simulation centers and between one and two thousand simulators at various hospitals, medical schools and training centers around the world. Dr. John Schaefer, as medical director of WISER, early recognized the need for advanced training. In September, 2003, the first Train the Trainers course was offered at WISER. Recently, the tenth such course was provided. The main teachers are John Schaefer and Tom Dongilli. By now approximately 200 health care professionals from over 10 countries have attended. 76% were medical educators and 64% of the total being university employees. The tabulation to the right demonstrates the widespread interest.

The courses are based on Laerdal SimMan utilization and have two components:

  • Day 1 is dedicated to facility design, infrastructure, budget, operation and personnel job descriptions
  • Day 2-3 involves curriculum development, scenarios, automation, data acquisition, feedback to trainees, etc.

Post course comments, so far collected from 55 participants include answers to specific questions and general comments (reported by 46 participants). It should be noted that the vast majority were extremely positive in their evaluation with only one disappointed person providing a negative impression. The general comments are listed below:

General Comments

¿Very worthwhile. I would highly recommend this course.¿

¿Excellent introduction. I believe with some work on my own, I will be able to develop scenarios.¿

¿Overall I felt this was an excellent course. I plan on using Day 2 and Day 3 material to help me in the future with medical student courses that I already help instruct. This will also allow me to generate data for research and publication purposes.¿

¿John, and the entire WISER staff did an outstanding job. Acomodations were more than adequate. The level of teaching was perfect. This was clearly one of the best CME-type programs that I`ve attended. Not once did I feel either bored or overwhelmed. I hope to be able to bring what I have learned back to my center, and implement a program as successfully as WISER. I would like to collaborate with WISER as well into the future.¿

¿It has been the best continuing education course I have attended since I finished training in 1979. The entire center should be congratulated for enabling us to succeed. They have truly practiced what they have preached. The course is a role model.¿

¿Excellent course. May consider to add a little bit more time for hands-on practice.¿

¿Thanks for allowing me to attend this most informative program. I will now be in better position to assist WISER with future projects.¿

¿Agreat experience in learning, not only the specific objectives, but also teaching mehtods and use of online facilities.¿

¿Great course. I feel prepared to begin programing simman Thank you.¿

¿I appreciate the opportunity to be in on the ground floor. I have gotten more insight into how simulation can be utilized at all levels of medical education and other disciplines as well. The facilitators were able to help me apply each part to my situation. They kept the overall goal of the course in sight.¿

¿I think this is an excellent course especially for peolple who is planning to open new simulation centers, this provides background that allows you to design the center in an optimal way, to plan the administrative issues and the educational program. Gives you an overview of all the issues that has to be covered in order to optimize the resourses. Thank you¿

¿Very well designed course. The `adult learner` section of the course was exceptionally well done. The staff was very professional and courteous contributing to the overall positive experience. I would highly recommend this course to any individual interested in simulation.¿

¿Overall I found it to be a very valuable experience. I certainly got out of it what I went there for.¿

¿Excellent course. I think that the knowledge and experience that the WISER Institute offers is invaluable. The staff was friendly and helpful. I felt welcome from the minute I signed up through today.¿

¿I am very glad that I attended this course. I would recommend it highly and only hope that you very seriously consider the comments provided herein. I truly felt that the first 4 or 5 hours was wasted time for my group. Thank you for conducting this candid and important evaluation. I thought that the communication with Jackie Gaines was EXCELLENT.¿

¿Great, thanks for a wonderful experience.¿

¿Fantastic course. Provides the tools for those committed enough to take it on.¿

¿Great, hope we get to use the technology and adapt to our needs.¿

¿Great course, impressive center,...really delivered what we wanted and needed! Great teachers/facilitators.....incredible program.¿

¿I really enjoyed the 3 days and would look forward to attending any future programs.¿

¿Very helpful for all levels of development of Sim centers. Also VERY helpful Sim Man programming. Their user manual doesn`t give you much to go on.¿

¿I really injoyed my time at wiser, it has opened up many possibilities of what our program could become. The staff at wiser has also been amazing! Thanks for the great program. Daryl dcase_blairems@yahoo.com¿

¿The instructors are great speakers - very clear and concise. pass their ideas along in a very organized and knowlegable manner.¿

¿Excellent overall experience. Well worth the money.¿

¿I would like to more learn about how combinate with medical education curriculum and SimMan scenario programing. I would like to introduce this course to Japanese doctors more ! ¿

¿Thanks so much for the help! The dinner was a nice way to get to know people. I would like to have had a sheet at the beginning with all the participants to make it easier to get to know people`s names, and where they are from, and to have their info for future contact.¿

¿It has been a great course, I have received so many new impulses, and learned a lot, both on center design, and on programming. This has been the most useful course I have attended in a very long time. Great job!¿

¿The results of this course will be extremely useful in our Dept of Nursing at the College. We have had a SIM man for a couple of years but have essentially used it manually, which obviously doesn`t allow us the use we paid for. With ability to program (????after practice) we will be able to access two advantages I wanted to have: consistency from instructor to instructor and student to student for each scen. availability of a number of preprogrammed scen. that will greatly reduce the faculty time intensiveness we`ve been experiencing an additional advantage that I wasn`t even aware was available is the log and save capability. That is going to help immensely on a number of levels, the first being ability to provide instant feedback directly from what actually happened in the scenario the student just went through. I feel my time and effort and the school`s money was well applied. Thanks.¿

¿This program was most helpful. Your experience and insights were most valuable. I look forward to coming back to WISER for additional education. Thank you.¿

¿This was excellent! I think we have saved us a lot of time taking this course and it`s great to see how you people have made this work. It`s impressive!.¿

¿Generally this course was very good, I had portions that I did not find useful due to my specific situation (small rural hospital setting) the portions that I found to be applicable were excellent. The customer service level at the center is outstanding and the knowledge of the presenters was outstanding a well .¿

¿Excellent example for setting up a simulation center. Need to continue to expand WISER`s influence world widely.¿

¿Great class. Learned a lot. I am leaving with the confidence that I can do this.¿

¿I thought you did an excellent job of taking complex material and making it manageable. It was good to hear up front that we would still be beginners.¿

¿Thanks for all your work in sharing your successes with us. Thanks also for the tour of the center. It was a great experience and gives me many ideas for my own lab.¿

¿Excellent course and excellent instructors with rich experience