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My Portfolio > Article Archive > WISER Presents Winning Abstract at 2005 International Meeting on Medical Simulation

WISER Presents Winning Abstract at 2005 International Meeting on Medical Simulation

Society for Medical Simulation (SMS)

The 5th International Meeting for Medical Simulation (IMMS) was again piggybacked onto the annual meeting of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA), which took place in Miami , January 13-16. SMS now has over 500 members with nearly 300 participating in this 2005 meeting. Michael Devita, a member of the WISER Research Committee, was the Research Chairman for the meeting. Next year, SMS will hold its first free standing meeting to take place in San Diego, CA.

In Miami, WISER faculty members presented six posters:

Tom Dongilli, et al: "The BIG Shock ┐ AED Trial for Non-Experienced Responders"
Tom Dongilli, et al: "Using Simulation Based Learning Systems to Train a Large Urban EMS Service in Difficult Airway Management"

Photo: Paul Sabol presenting poster

John Lutz, et al: "The use of a Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) for Data Mining of Simulation Sessions"
John Mahoney, et al: "Integration of Human Patient Simulation into a Comprehensive Standardized Patient OSCE"
Paul Phrampus, et al: "Death During Simulation Training: Feedback from Trainees"  

Joseph Quinlan, et al: "Functional Validity of Airway Techniques in Whole Task Human Simulation"

Photo: John Schaefer presenting poster

In addition to the poster presentations, John Schaefer lectured on performance assessment and Michael DeVita on patient safety in the team work session. William McIvor provided a workshop entitled ┐Using the Lung Man Medical ASL 5000 Simulator for Mechanical Ventilation Training.┐ Tom Dongili and John Schaefer conducted a workshop on ┐Everything you didn't know that SimMan could do.┐ It was also of interest that a large Japanese group from 10 different universities presented data on successful use of the WISER difficult airway management course.

Steven Schmitt and Steve Palumbo presented Sim-Medical through a colorful booth and information brochures. Michael DeVita was elected Workshop Chairman for 2006 and Ake grenvik was invited to serve as a chapter reviewer for the next volume of the textbook ┐Simulation in CCM and Beyond.┐