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WISER welcomes two visiting fellows from China
WISER welcomes two visiting fellows from China

Under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh and the Clinical Skills Training Center (CSTC) at the Central South University (CSU) in China, WISER greeted two physicians from Xiangya School of Medicine (XYSM), CSU, Changsha, China.

Dr Ying Li, an Associate Professor of Nephrology and Dr Danlin Huang, an Attending Pediatrician from the Second Xiangya hospital, who are also faculty at CSTC at CSU recently joined WISER as visiting fellows for one year and will be studying simulation-based education and research as well as simulation operation.

Xiangya School of Medicine (XYSM) of CSU is one of most prestigious medical schools in China particularly with its fame as the national leader in medical education. Three affiliated university Xiangya hospitals are comprehensive hospitals with totally of 9,000 beds. The CSTC is one of the nationally recognized clinical skills training centers in China.

WISER as a world class multidisciplinary training and research center for healthcare simulation and a model for the future of patient care would like to help various medical centers within and outside the USA including China to promote research and education in the field of simulation-based educational programs and simulation center operation. The Dept of Anesthesiology representing the University of Pittsburgh signed the first MOU with the University in China. We hope that our collaboration with CSTC at Central South University will produce fruitful outcome in the future.