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WISER hosts second Journey to Medicine course
WISER hosts second Journey to Medicine course

On October 19th, WISER and the Gateway Medical Society held the second Journey to Medicine course. This course focused on basic patient assessment and care. The students, ages 13 to15, were given an exciting lecture by Jason Sanders, a current University of Pittsburgh medical student. The discussion topics included patient interviews, the importance of a patient history, and how to do a basic patient assessment.
The students then broke into groups and rotated through skills labs. One skills lab taught students how to take a blood pressure and interpret the results. Another skills lab focused on patient assessment, heart and lung sounds, pupil reactions, and pulses. The students then had opportunities to assess two different simulated patients. They discussed the results of their patient interview findings and their physical assessments to diagnose the patients.
WISER and the Gateway Medical Society, a component of the National Medical Association whose objectives are to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of public health, have jointly developed a seven month program that is designed to address the growing need for minorities in the field of medicine. The program is titled Journey to Medicine. Each month, selected students will learn about various specialties in medicine and then have the opportunity to participate in simulation-based exercises to treat simulated patients. Topics include anesthesiology, emergency medicine, surgery, and code teams. Stay tuned for next month's emergency medicine rotation on November 30th!