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My Portfolio > Article Archive > WISER participates in the APPMC in Sydney, Australia

WISER participates in the APPMC in Sydney, Australia
WISER participates in the APPMC in Sydney, Australia

Dr. Phrampus, Director of WISER, presented "Airway Management of the Entrapped Patient" at the Asian Pacific Military Medicine Conference held in Sydney, Australia in May. His presentation was part of a series of caring for patients involved in catastrophic world disasters involving collapse and entrapment.

Dr. Phrampus and Dr. Benjamin Berg, Director of the SimTiki Simulation Center at the University of Hawaii, teamed with the University Hospital of Tuebingen, Germany, by using concepts of Distance Telementoring and simulation to teach an approach to airway management in the entrapped patient. Via live video teleconferencing, Dr. Marcus Rall, Director of the Tuebingen Center for Patient Safety and Simulation in Germany was able to precept a participant physician in Sydney who was managing the airway of a simulated entrapped patient. The physician, from Bangladesh, was able to successfully secure the airway of the entrapped patient using video-laryngoscopy and the link to Germany.

Drs. Berg and Phrampus led a separate workshop on implementing simulation for use in disaster response training. The workshop involving military medicine specialists covered the technology and skills necessary to develop scenarios to employ in disaster training efforts. Each small group was able to develop a scenario and experience the nuances, successes, and challenges of simulation scenario development. The capstone exercise provided the opportunity for each group to run their scenario using members of the other groups as students.

This is the 6th consecutive year that WISER has been invited to participate in this important meeting to help advance Military Medicine in the Asian Pacific Region. The APPMC in past years was hosted by Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, India, and Vietnam.

Dr. Phrampus precepting the intubation of a trapped victim by a military medicine physician
Dr. Marcus Rall presenting via video teleconference from Germany
Dr. Phrampus and Dr. Berg facilitating a small group designing a scenario for disaster training
Precepting airway management in a trapped victim
A military physician from Bangladesh intubating a patient with mentoring via video teleconferencing from Germany