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My Portfolio > Article Archive > Pitt Dental Magazine features DOMES course offered at WISER

Pitt Dental Magazine features DOMES course offered at WISER
Pitt Dental Magazine features DOMES course offered at WISER

WISER was recently featured in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of the University of Pittsburgh’s Dental Magazine. The University of Pittsburgh Dental School has recently begun offering a Dental Office Management of Emergency Situations (DOMES) course that supplements didactic training in medical emergencies education at the Dental School. Dr. Michael Cuddy, Dr. Joseph Giovannitti assistant professor and associate professor in the Department of Dental Anesthesiology respectively; and Dr. Edward Heinrichs, assistant professor in the Department of Periodontics/Preventive Dentistry are the directors of the DOMES course. During the spring semester of the third year in the First Professional Program, predoctoral students spend one half-day at WISER where they have the opportunity to respond to medical emergencies including anaphylactic shock, asthma attack, hypoglycemia, myocardial infraction, seizure, stroke, and syncope. The students work in small groups, mimicking a general practice with one student acting as a dentist and others as an assistant, adental hygienist, a receptionist, and so on, rotating in the various roles. DOMES is a mandatory course in the First Professional Program and is now being offered for CE credits. The course directors hope to increase the predoctoral students’ exposure to medical emergencies simulations by adding a second visit to WISER in the fourth year of the curriculum. According to the course directors, the use of simulations for medical emergency training is just the beginning. This technology could be used for more complex medical emergencies, training in special needs dentistry, or in dental specialties such as anesthesiology and pediatric dentistry. To read more about this course and the Pitt Dental School, please visit http://www.dental.pitt.edu/sdm/newsletter.php

Dr. Giovannitti and Dr. Cuddy are course directors of the DOMES course offered at WISER