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My Portfolio > Article Archive > WISER hosts afternoon session of the 8th Annual SAFAR Symposium

WISER hosts afternoon session of the 8th Annual SAFAR Symposium
WISER hosts afternoon session of the 8th Annual SAFAR Symposium

This year the SAFAR symposium was a two-day event that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the development of CPR. The program, for the first time, included a Multi-Departmental Trainee's Research Day. It also included the traditional sessions on Resuscitation and Simulation, along with the 30th Peter & Eva Safar Lecture. WISER hosted the afternoon session of the Eighth Annual SAFAR symposium on June 2, 2010 which were simulation based as in years past. Also, as a service to the simulation community WISER arranged for a live web-cast of the afternoon sessions. The sessions ran from 2pm - 5:25pm. Individuals who took part in the web-cast were able to communicate by chat functionality in real-time with the moderators of the afternoon lectures.

The simulation session speakers and their topics for this year included:

  • Paul Phrampus, MD, Director of WISER - "The History of Simulation in CPR Training"
  • John Vozenilek, MD, Northwestern University - "An In Situ Simulation Program to Improve Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR"
  • James McGee, MD, University of Pittsburgh - "The Virtual Patient as an Instrument of Simulation"
  • John M. O'Donnell, DrPH, University of Pittsburgh - "Back Injury Prevention - An Evidence based approach to Simulation Implementation"
  • Connie Lopez, RNC, Kaiser Permanente- "Shoulder Dystocia - An Evidence Based Deployment of Simulation for Patient Safety"
  • Michael Seropian, MD, Oregon Health and Science University-"A Roadmap of Simulation Toward the Future"

The symposium was again a huge success and WISER looks forward to being a part of next year's.

SAFAR Presenters: Dr. John Vozenilek, Dr. James McGee, Dr. John O'Donnell, Connie Lopez, RNC, Dr. Michael Seropian and Dr. Paul Phrampus
Dr. Paul Phrampus presents on "The History of Simulation in CPR Training"