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Dr. John Schaefer Promoted to Associate Professor

Dr John Schaefer

On August 1, 2004, Dr John Schaefer was promoted to Associate Professor of Anesthesiology to a very significant degree based on his fabulous work as Director of WISER. He has created a simulation program utilizing the Internet, which is second to none. Because of his outstanding accomplishments, WISER has gained worldwide reputation. Dr Schaefer is frequently called upon to lecture throughout the US and in Europe. He has published several articles on simulation training in medicine, as well as several book chapters. The uniqueness of WISER is above all the ability for mass training and the multidisciplinarity of the numerous programs. WISER also has automatic data collection and statistical analysis from all training sessions, facilitating research on education and publication. WISER faculty includes anesthesiologists, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine physicians, and members of the School of Nursing. There are programs for second through fourth year medical students, of which the fourth year elective is one of the most popular in the School of Medicine. Although Dr Schaefer has excellent support by his prominent personnel, he is the driving force with a never ending ability to arrange cost efficient programs using the latest technology available, best exemplified by the wireless systems over the Internet. We all congratulate John Schaefer to this long overdue and well deserved honor.