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WISER teams with SimTiki to conduct airway training at the Asia-Pacific Military Medicine Conference
WISER teams with SimTiki to conduct airway training

WISER teamed up with SImTiki at the University of Hawaii to conduct airway training and a simulation immersion experience at the 20th annual Asia-Pacific Military Medicine Conference. This year the conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Phrampus delivered a lecture entitled "The Use of Algorithms in Emergency Airway Management" as well as participating in a airway device workshop. The team also put on an immersion experience in simulation entitled "Point-to-Point Care". It included simulation scenarios emulating the battlefield, the battalion aid station and finally definitive care which would be a common pathway for wounded warriors to proceed through. The APMMC is attended by over 20 nations, largely of the Pacific Rim and is dedicated to advancing the practice of military medicine and fostering collaborations between the United States and Pacific Rim countries. Previous locations for the meeting included South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, New Delhi, Vietnam. WISER has been participating in this meeting for over six years.

Dr. Phrampus instructing participants in the use of a video laryngoscope during the airway workshop
Dr. Phrampus leads a team through decision-making skills during a simulation of the intensive care of a wounded warrior
Dr. Berg, director of SimTiki at the University of Hawaii demonstrates proper technique using a bag valve mask
Dr. Phrampus precepting students during the point-to-point care simulation
Dr. Phrampus observing airway management being conducted during the immersive simulations