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3G Simulator in Unique Role
3G Simulator in Unique Role

SimMan 3G, the latest in high-fidelity human patient simulation, is currently being integrated into courses here at the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research. This simulator was just one of the many teaching tools utilized in Dr. Amy Seybert's Pharmacy 5813 Acute Care Simulation course this past semester.

Made and designed by the Laerdal Corporation, 3G can recreate many exciting new physiological features used for patient assessment well beyond the capabilities of SimMan. Some of the new features such as sweating from the forehead, secretion of fluids from eyes, ears, nose and mouth as well as a bleeding wound, give the learner a more real-life experience. Also, the eyes will blink and pupils will dilate and even constrict to a light source. Seizures can also be recreated as well as recreate the appearance of cyanosis. The simulator is completely wireless and the self-contained Automatic Drug Recognition System identifies drugs & dosages. A wireless tablet PC can control the simulator remotely.

The Acute Care Simulation course is a 3 credit elective offered to third year pharmacy students at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Pharmacy. The focus of the course is on advanced pharmacotherapy of critically ill and complex cardiovascular patients. Additionally, this course has recently been restructured as a dual immersive technology course where the content is provided to students during online modules and all contact time each week is spent with the patient simulators. This course was awarded the University of Pittsburgh ACIE Innovation in Education Award.

Pharmacy 5813 students running scenarios on the 3G manikin
This is one of many Pharmacy classes offered at WISER
The 3G manikin.