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Healthcare Simulation Instructor Development Program
Healthcare Simulation Instructor Development Program

Simulation experts from WISER and the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education at the University of Miami, recently conducted a Healthcare Simulation Instructor Development Program in Pittsburgh. The three-day event welcomed participants from multiple career venues both in and outside of the medical community. In addition to the many participants who came from many areas throughout the United States, nursing faculty members from Puerto Rico and visiting physicians from Korea imparted a global perspective to the class. The course presented an overview of fundamental principles in teaching methodologies along with learner preferences, team-building skills, simulation integration, participant assessments, curriculum evaluations, effective debriefing, and ethical and legal considerations. Throughout the course, participants were challenged with 'real-life' teaching situations which enabled practice of conflict-resolution techniques. Further, the participants were given an opportunity to work in groups to develop a curriculum along with a scenario that was tested by members outside their respective groups.

Comments provided by participants at the conclusion of the course included:

  • Extremely interactive course for all participants
  • Acquired a valuable perspective as both instructor and participant
  • Appropriate refresher of curriculum design principles for advanced and novice educators
  • Emphasized the importance of team-building from strong leadership to responsible follower
  • Strong versatility of program content to span career disciplines

The next Instructor Development Course will be offered December 4th, 5th, and 6th in conjunction with the 3rd Annual WISER Nursing Symposium. Registration information can be found on the website under the 'Course Catalog' heading

Course participants debrief scenario created in class
Course particpants take part in scenario that was created by working groups in the class