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Dr. Heejeong Son joins WISER's staff as visiting Fellow
Visiting Korean Fellow comes to WISER

WISER is pleased to announce that Dr. Heejeong Son has joined our staff as a visiting fellow from Kangwon National University in Korea. Dr. Heejeong Son is an assistant professor from Korea that has been in the Department of Anesthesiology since 2004 and Medical Education since 2006. There she was in charge of clinical skill education for two years and is now a member of the steering committee at Clinical Performance Center in Kangwon National University School of Medicine.
Dr. Heejeong Son is interested in simulation-based education especially curricula development for medical students, faculty education as an instructor, environments for simulation-based education and airway management courses. She hopes that her time here at WISER will help her take back the tools needed for her role in the development of simulation based education in Korea.