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My Portfolio > Article Archive > Dr. DeVita Recieces Major Grant For Research on Simulation Training

Dr. DeVita Receives Major Grant For Research on Simulation Training

Michael DeVita, MD

Michael DeVita, MD, has successfully applied to the Jewish Health Care Foundation and received a major grant for two years for the project: "Increasing Access To Crisis Team Training Using Web-Based Technology". The focus attention will be on identification and best utilization of all available resources. Multiprofessional members of the integrated crisis team will learn about the failures caused by communication errors and achieve skills to communicate well. The UPMC crisis teams include the CPR team. All members are ACLS certified but ACLS training lacks training in performance as a team and the results to date have demonstrated large deficiences in team performance. Therefore Dr DeVita's initiative has stirred up very significant interest nationwide. His preliminary results of this study are indeed very promising. We congratulate Dr DeVita on this accomplishment.