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WISER and Silver Tree Media help Close 100,000 Lives Campaign
WISER and Silver Tree Media help Close 100,000 Lives Campaign

Wiser faculty and staff participated in the 2nd Annual International Summit on Redesigning Hospital Care organized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Atlanta, GA. on June 12th, 2006. This meeting was the closing of the 100,000 Lives Campaign for Patient Safety. Two pre-conference workshops, conducted by WISER, featured the creation of an on-site simulation center with education and hands on stations for participants.

In the morning, a session entitled Using Simulation Based Education in Healthcare, evaluated the deployment of simulation based-training into the mainstream education of healthcare. The focus of the session was on patient safety at all levels - from students through practicing clinicians. The session was led by WISER’s Interim Director Dr. Paul Phrampus.

The afternoon session entitled Using Simulation in Nursing Education to Improve Safety was led by John O’Donnell, CRNA, and Associate Director for Nursing Programs at WISER. The session featured the presentation of simulation based education programs unique to the nursing domain that were created by O’Donnell and his team at WISER focusing on the area of Patient Safety.

Participants learned about the mission of WISER and participated in various hands-on components of many of WISER’s courses including: Crisis Team Training, Difficult Airway Management, Central Venous Cannulation, Nursing Back Injury Prevention and many others. In conjunction with the Crisis Team demonstration, participants engaged in training on the game “Rapid Response Sim”. This is a unique team training tool created by SilverTree Media, a Pittsburgh based gaming company who created the program along with WISER faculty. The game is used in team Crisis Team Training courses at WISER.