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WISER Participates in the Asian Pacific Military Medicine Conference in Korea
WISER Participates in the APMMC

For the fifth year in a row WISER has participated in the Asian Pacific military medicine conference. This year's meeting was held in Seoul, South Korea. The meeting attracts 300 delegates representing 22 countries from the Asian Pacific region as well as the United States and has a goal of enhancing collaboration, and sharing of best practices and ideas amongst those involved in military medicine. Dr. Paul Phrampus, Director of WISER, joined Dr. Benjamin Berg and Dr. Dale Vincent of the University of Hawaii.

This year a simulation workshop was conducted with a focus on training and assessment of the ability to triage victims of a mass casualty event as well as a second focus on airway management. The sessions were well received by the delegates who is for a significant interests into the incorporation of simulation into military medicine.

On Wednesday simulation sessions on dynamic triage as well as airway management were conducted for the Republic of Korea's medical core. The group of approximately 60 individuals found the workshops to be enormously beneficial and discussed ways of increasing the amount of simulation based education available to them. The Wednesday workshops were concluded with a visit and tour of the START simulation center at the Catholic University of Seoul, Korea.

Previous meetings at which WISER participated were held in Hanoi, Vietnam; New Delhi, India; Singapore and Manila, Philippines.

5 Victims Await Triage
Dr. Benjamin Berg
Dr. Dale Vincent
Dr. Paul Phrampus