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Al Augustine joins WISER leadership staff as Associate Director of Respiratory Therapy Programs
Al Augustine joins WISER leadership staff

Recently Al Augustine became a member of the WISER Executive Leadership staff by being named the Associate Director of the Respiratory Therapy Program. Mr. Augustine is a part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's (UPMC) Department of Respiratory Care. He has co-developed and is also a facilitator of the Advanced Cardio Pulmonary course and has helped to develop the Critical Care Nursing "Mechanical Ventilation: Troubleshooting" course. Mr. Augustine recently presented "Simulation Technology in Respiratory Care" at the Annual Fall Healthcare Conference, which was sponsored by the West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care. Mr. Augustine was also a co-author on a paper that won the Allen DeVilbiss Best Paper Award. The paper was titled "Utilizing Simulation Technology for Competency Skills Assessment and a Comparison of Traditional Methods of Training to Simulation-Based Training." This literary award recognizes the "best paper" published in the science journal for Respiratory Care.