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WISER Launches Surgical Education Through Simulation (SETS) for Nurses
WISER Launches Surgical Education Through Simulation (SETS) for Nurses

WISER has teamed up with UPMC Operating Room Education Staff to Launch a new Simulation Based Curriculum for orienting nurses to the operating room environment. Over 60 UPMC nurses have successfully completed the training program now known as SETS (formerly known as TORO).

The national turnover rate for operating room nurses is critically high; consequently, the new-hire rate for operating room nurses is also increased. Now, more than ever, an efficient, standardized operating room orientation is imperative. SETS provides a dynamic, interactive and innovative program to supplement or replace existing operating room nursing orientation programs. The three day SETS course offers the participant a chance to learn and demonstrate the basics of Perioperative Nursing. AORN standards, Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals, evidence based didactic content, instructor demonstration, and participant return demonstration provide the course foundation. Key concepts of aseptic practice are introduced in Day 1 and are reinforced through realistic and unique operating room simulation activities on Days 2 and 3.

SETS Day 1 provides an introduction to a variety of key perioperative skills and knowledge domains including:
* Principles of Perioperative Nursing
* Environmental Safety
* Aseptic Technique
* Operating Room cleanliness
* Counting
* Receiving patient into the OR
* Skin Antisepsis

SETS Days 2 and 3 offer an interactive learning environment which combines scenario-based simulation with interactive didactic sessions. SETS is designed to support development of participant's critical thinking skills and rapid development of a relevant knowledge base necessary for high quality patient care. Key perioperative skills reinforced in the course include: establishing the sterile field, performance of accurate counts, proper identification and transfer of the surgical patient, patient positioning and operating room turnover.

Participants are afforded the opportunity to practice the roles and goals of each sterile team and non-sterile team member found in a typical operating room environment (i.e., Surgeon, Scrub Person, Circulating Registered Nurse, Anesthesia Care Provider). Participants complete nine OR-simulation scenarios and practice critical safety processes such as introduction to SBAR (a structured communication model), Time Out, and Condition Stop before their first day in an actual operating room. Validation of learning is measured with pre- and post- course exams, with each scenario followed by a debriefing session including video review. The three day SETS course provides participants the ability to establish standardized practices for the operating room while optimizing the care and safety of the surgical patient.

For more information on the SETS course or any WISER programs contact WISER at www.wiser.pitt.edu