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WISER presents at the 4th Annual Winter Academy
WISER presents at the 4th Annual Winter Academy

Dr Paul Phrampus, Director of WISER recently presented an update of the institute's current mission as well as the plans for the future, for an audience of 300 of the University of Pittsburgh's 4th annual Winter Academy in Naples, Florida. The Winter Academy is an annual event for Pitt alumni from the Schools of the Health Sciences.

The WISER keynote lecture was followed by a live, interactive demonstration conducted by Dr Phrampus and Tom Dongilli, WISER's Director of Operations and Administration. The pair called on members of the audience to assist in the care of a patient with respiratory distress. The trio of alumni volunteers included past graduates of the University of Pittsburgh School of medicine and the UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing. They cared for the "patient" which was actually a computerized human patient simulator programmed to exhibit the signs and symptoms of an actual patient experiencing the same situation.

The day began with an exciting overview of the tremendous growth of the University of Pittsburgh by Chancellor, Mark Nordenberg. The Chancellors presentation was followed by a presentation on the programmatic growth and successes recognized by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine by Dr. Art Levine, Dean of the School and Senior Vice Chancellor of the Schools of the Health Sciences. Other presenters at this year's Winter Academy included Dr Devra Davis, Professor of Epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health; Director, Environmental Oncology Center, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Dr. Neil Resnick, Professor of Medicine, School of
Medicine; Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine; Director, University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging and the John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatrics and Dr. Charles F. Reynolds III, UPMC Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry, Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, School of Medicine; Professor of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health; Director, Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research for Late-Life Mood Disorders and John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Also presenting were Dr. Michael Palladino,Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Dr. Beatriz Luna, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences; Director, Laboratory for Neurocognitive Development, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and Dr. Samuel Poloyac, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy . These three presenters represented the rising stars in neuroscience.

Following the half day program of academic presentations, SimMan and SimBaby (a computerized baby representing a one year old), were on display at a reception where many of the alumni took advantage to learn more about the simulators and the mission of WISER. Dr Phrampus and Mr. Dongilli presented detailed demonstration and answered many questions of the alumni participants.

Dr. Phrampus demonstrates airway management to University Alumni
Clyde Jones and Maggie McDonald with SimBaby