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WISER Helping in India
WISER Helping in India

Dr. Phrampus was a guest of honor and keynote speaker at the one-year anniversary of The Academy for Clinical Training (TACT), which is India's first simulation center, located in Chennai, India. He also was able to serve as visiting faculty at several TACT courses, and conducted numerous workshops on the implementation of simulation throughout the week. TACT celebrated great success during their first year and conducted training for over 2000 health care providers. WISER has been helping the efforts of TACT, through consultation and the use of the SIMS system created at WISER to assist in the operations of their center.

TACT was founded and is operated by two former University of Pittsburgh Department of Critical Care Medicine Faculty Members Dr. N. Ramakrishnan and Dr. Ramesh Venkataraman are both from Chennai, and have returned to improve the health care training and education in southern India. The pair are now practicing consultants and critical care medicine at the Apollo health system headquartered in Chennai.

While in southern India Dr. Phrampus was also able to visit with the Emergency Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), which operates the largest organized emergency medical services (EMS) operation in India out of their headquarters in Hyderabad. They operate over 500 ambulances, and provide care for 2800 emergencies daily, with a workforce of over 2000 EMTs. Dr. Phrampus lectured on ways to implement simulation into medical education, and conducted hands-on workshops demonstrating principles and methods of simulation.

Dr. Phrampus also lectured on the implementation of simulation and conducted workshops using simulation at the PSG hospital in Coimbatore India, as well as the Manipal hospital in Bangalore.

To learn more about TACT, please visit their website at www.tact-india.com

Dr. Phrampus and Dr. P. Reddy, Chairman and Founder, Apollo Health Systems
Visiting with the TACT leadership team.
Dr. Phrampus with members of the EMRI instructor team, in Hyderabad
Dr. Venkataraman teaching nursing students at the Mannipal Hospital in Bangalore.