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Another outstanding WISER effort at the 2008 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
WISER participates in the 2008 IMSH

WISER participated in the 2008 IMSH which was held in San Diego, California on January 13-15 at the Marriott San Diego Hotel & Marina. This yearly meeting allows individuals and institutions who are in the healthcare simulation field to report on research and quality improvement efforts via the use of simulation. Dr. Paul Phrampus, Director of WISER served as the workshop co-chair for the meeting. Tom Dongilli, Director of Operations at WISER, led an operations track, the simulation center coordinators meeting and a panel discussion on how industry and academia can work together to improve relationships. John Lutz, Director of Information Technology at WISER, presented on the information technology considerations for a simulation center and Joshua Franczyk, simulation specialist, presented advanced programming of the Laerdal SimMan. John O'Donnell, Associate Director of Nursing at WISER, was part of a round table discussion on enhancing the simulator experience in nursing.

Tom Dongilli and John Lutz presented 'Calendars to Curriculum: Optimizing your Simulation Program through SIMS' at the Mini-technology Workshop that was held on Sunday January 13, 2008. They discussed the features of SIMS and how it has helped WISER expand its programs without adding significant administrative overhead. It was well attended and generated significant interest.

Several WISER faculty also had abstract poster presentations at this years conference. They are as follows:

  • Evaluation of High Fidelity Neonatal Simulation as a Method to Teach Pediatric Residents Neonatal Airway Management Skills-Jennifer Arnold, Becky Lowmaster, Melinda Fiedor-Hamilton, Jennifer Kloesz, Dena Hofkosh, Patrick Kochanek, Robert Clark

  • Interrater Reliability of Data from Difficult Airway Simulations-Sarah Andrus, Henry Wang, Paul Phrampus

  • The First 5 Minutes: Evaluation of a 30-Minute Simulation-Based Crisis Training Course for Non-ICU Staff-Fred Tasota, Tom Dongilli, Amy Clontz, Melanie Shatzer

  • Objective Scoring of Team Performance and Medical Task Performance on Simulated Scenarios During the Obstetric Crisis Ream Training Course-Gabriella Gosman, Paticia Dalby, Karen Stein, Nancy Jean Donohoe, Simhan Hyagriv

  • Reliability of Physiologic Data Presentation Using a High Fidelity Simulation System-Jennifer Terrano, Benjamin Berg, Kristine Hara, Paul Phrampus

There were also several work in progress poster abstracts at the conference:

  • If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Gotten: Innovations in Professional Nursing Simulation-Beth Kuzminsky, John O'Donnell, Judy Bradle, Tami Merryman

  • Effects of Simulation-Based Learning Vs Traditional Didactic Lecturing on Medication Administration Errors in the Intensive Care Unit-Daniel Ford, Amy Seybert, Sandra Kane-Gill

  • Designing a Simulation of Intraoperative Bronchospasm-Darin Zimmerman, William McIvor

Joshua Franczyk demonstrating Advanced Programming of the Laerdal SimMan
Tom Dongilli and John Lutz presenting at the Mini-Technology workshop