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WISER hosts Post Nursing Symposium Workshop on Programming Laerdal SimMan
WISER hosts Post Symposium Workshop

On Saturday, December 8, 2007, WISER held a 1 day workshop entitled, “Programming Your Laerdal SimMan for Nursing Needs” following the First Annual Symposium on Nursing Simulation.  The course was held at WISER.  A national audience of more than thirty participants attended. Workshop participants included nurses, nurse educators, nursing school administrators and researchers. This one day course was designed to teach participants how to utilize and program their Laerdal SimMan and enhance their nursing simulation efforts.





Workshop objectives included:

  • Describing simulation applications across undergraduate, graduate and professional nursing domains.
  • Gaining a general knowledge of SimMan programming and application to nursing education in professional, undergraduate and post graduate education.
  • Utilizing Laerdal SimMan as an assessment or teaching tool based on educational goals and objectives.


Tom Dongilli, Director of Operations, WISER, John O’Donnell CRNA, MSN Associate Director of Nursing, WISER, Beth Kuzminsky RN, MSN Curriculum Development Manager, WISER and Josh Franczyk Cer.AT, Simulation Specialist, WISER were the featured speakers for the workshop.


Tom Dongilli and Josh Franczyk discuss SimMan user interface