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WISER participates in UPMC's Quality Symposium
WISER participates in UPMC's Quality Symposium

On September 28, 2006, WISER participated in the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's (UPMC) Quality Symposium at the Regional Learning Center at Cranberry Woods.  The theme of the symposium was "Disruptive Innovation".  The keynote speaker of the event was Michael Leonard, MD, who is the physician leader for patient safety at Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive health care delivery systems.  The symposium has been designed to provide health care clinicians, executives, managers and board members with an overview of theory and best practices related to quality and patient safety. 


Michael DeVita, MD, presented on the topic of Video-game Technology:  The Next Generation of Education and Team Building.  The focus of this presentation was the importance of teamwork for quality outcomes and how a lack of teamwork can lead to errors.  Using the Rapid Response game provided by SilverTree media, Dr. DeVita demonstrated the effectiveness of gaming in conjunction with team building.  The game has been used in conjunction with team training courses at WISER.


Paul Phrampus, MD, Interim Director of WISER gave a presentation on Multidisciplinary Simulation Education:  Moving Simulation to the Next Level in Patient Safety. Dr. Phrampus focused on the mounting importance of simulation in healthcare and also what WISER is doing in order to be on the cutting edge of simulation in healthcare.  Following the lecture there were hands-on workshops that were coordinated by Tom Dongilli who is WISER's Director of Operations and Administration.  The sessions allowed attendees to participate in some of WISER's education content and understand some the institute's capabilities. Six stations were created to allow attendees the opportunity to participate:  


  • Difficult Airway Management-attendees participated in hands on sessions related to recognition and treatment of patients presenting with difficult airways.


  • SilverTree's Rapid Response Game-attendees participated in this multiplayer game designed to teach recognition and treatment of a medical crisis.



  • First Five Minutes- Utilizing the Laerdal SimMan, attendees were given a full scale cardiac arrest scenario where they were expected to function in the role of the floor nurse and to complete critical tasks prior to code team arrival.


  • Conditions "O"-attendees viewed a video of an obstetrics crisis simulation and were asked to score the trainee performances utilizing the Crisis Team debriefing tool developed at WISER.



  • NBIPP (Nursing Back Injury Prevention Project) - A demonstration of proper and improper lifting techniques and utilizing guidelines were reviewed.


  • Virtual IV-participants were shown a newly developed virtual IV system and had an opportunity to use it.

Paul Phrampus, MD, gives lecture on Multidisciplinary Simulation Education
Gabriella Gosman, MD, talks to attendees about obstetrics crisis team simulation
John O'Donnell, CRNA, MSN gives a demostration of a virtual IV
Amy Clontz and Melanie Shatzer lead the "First Five Minute" course
Paul Phrampus, MD, demonstrates management of a difficult airway in an emergency situation
Daniel Martich, MD, (center) and Francis Solano, MD (left) assist the simulated patient with two person bag valve mask ventilation