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My Portfolio > Article Archive > Dean of Prestige Xiangya Medical School Visits WISER

Dean of Prestige Xiangya Medical School Visits WISER

On August 7, 2007, WISER welcomed prominent visitors from Xiang-Ya Shool of Medicine (XYSM, www.xysm.net) of Central South University (CSU, www.csu.edu.cn) from Hunan, China led by its alumnus, Dr. Li Zhang, an anesthesiologist at UPMC as well as an instructor at WISER.  The visitors included Professor Yong-quan Tian (second from right), MD, PhD, Dean of XYSM and Senior Vice president of the CSU, Professor Li-jian Tao (first from left), MD, PhD, Associate Dean of XYSM and Dr. Lu-Xin Yi (first from right), MD, PhD, Director of Education in CSU.

 Xiang-Ya was established originally by Yale-in China Association (Xiang means Hunan and Ya represents Yale) and has been a very prestigious medical school in the South of China particularly with its fame as a recognized national leader in medical education in China.  Since Professor Tian’s visit to WISER two years ago, three affiliated university hospitals of XYSM have established their own simulation centers.  The largest hospital in Asia will be soon completed in Xiang-Ya next year.  XYSM is setting up a medical education model in China.

Tom Dongilli, Director of Operations at WISER gave a overview presentation of WISER and Dr. Zhang facilitated an engaging WISER tour for the visitors.  The visitors expressed their appreciation and great interest in future cooperation with WISER.