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Back Injury Prevention for Healthcare Professionals - Passavant
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05/24/2022, 05/31/2022, 06/07/2022, 06/14/2022, 06/21/2022, 06/28/2022, 07/08/2022, 07/12/2022, 07/19/2022, 07/26/2022, 08/02/2022, 08/09/2022, 08/16/2022, 08/23/2022, 08/30/2022, 09/09/2022, 09/13/2022, 09/20/2022, 09/27/2022, 10/04/2022, 10/11/2022, 10/18/2022, 10/25/2022, 11/01/2022, 11/08/2022, 11/15/2022, 11/22/2022, 11/29/2022, 12/06/2022, 12/13/2022, 12/20/2022
John O'Donnell MSN, DrPH, CRNA
Kathleen Fadgen 
Michele Adams, Kelly Dobies, Rebecca Kolb, Zachary Perpetua, Kristen Reiner 
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About the Course
This course is intended to provide an internet-supported, comprehensive, ergonomics training program in prevention of musculoskeletal injury for direct patient care personnel. We will utilize survey and assessment tools, a Patient Transfer Protocol, WISER integrated information management systems, ergonomic expert oversight, and simulated patient transfers using weighted moving manikins to accomplish the training. 

UPMC MyHealth We've Got Your Back Program
UPMC Health Plan has launched an initiative designed to help individuals improve their understanding of low back injuries, identify possible risk factors, and develop healthy behaviors to prevent injury down the road. We want to provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their backs, within a safe working environment, so that they can enjoy pain-free, rewarding work and leisure activities. UPMC Health Plan, UPMC's Center for Rehabilitative Services (CRS), the Winter Institute for Simulation and Educational Research (WISER) and EAP Solutions (part of UPMC's Work Partners division) have created one of the area's most comprehensive approaches to back fitness and low back injury prevention. "We've Got Your Back" includes:
  • A health fair where attendees can learn about many health and fitness-related products and services related to back health and low back pain prevention
  • Training in safe lifting techniques and injury prevention (WISER Back Injury Prevention for Health Care Professionals Course)
  • A free personalized back fitness assessment and personalized home program developed just for you by a licensed physical therapist
  • The opportunity to receive a free take-home kit that includes a stability ball, exercise bands, and informational materials for exercising at home
  • Motivational one-on-one sessions with trained health coaches
  • Care management services for individuals who are at high risk of experiencing chronic back problems
  • Training in strategies for balancing life, work, and wellness
Information Use
Your feedback will provide important information as we continue to develop this initiative at other UPMC sites and in the marketplace.

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