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WISER Visiting Scholars Program: Preceptorship
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Tom Dongilli, Debby Farkas, Adam Kukic, John Lutz, Steve Nelson
Thomas Dongilli 
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About the Course
The WISER Preceptorship program is designed for individuals that would like to participate in a structured one to eleven month curriculum that includes the WISER Foundation, electives, workshops and course observations. A variety of topics will be addressed by subject matter experts including but not limited to simulation center operations, informational technology, administration and curriculum development. By working closely with WISER’s experts, program participants will receive personalized attention and will integrate into WISER’s network of simulation education expertise.

Program Costs: available upon request. Please email wiserhelp@upmc.edu for more information.

Program Availability: 1st Monday of every month, EXCEPT NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER


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