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SimOps Educational Series
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Sim Ops ES
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This is a virtual course with online content.
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Thomas Dongilli 
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About the Course

SimOps Educational Series is a quarterly webinar that is dedicated to advancing the education and industry of Simulation Operations and Administrative personnel. This free, quarterly program is sponsored by WISER. All presentations conducted have been placed within the course for review.

Topics include:

  • Audio Visual Consideration
  • Running In-Situ Simulations
  • Scenario Programming
  • AV of a Simulation Center
  • Many others

Save the date!  2017 SimOps ES 
February 23, 2017 2pm   Creating a Policy and Procedure Manual    

June 15, 2017  2pm  Curriculum Design

September 21, 2017   2pm  Repair and Maintenance of Your Simulation Equipment  REGISTER HERE!!! 

December 15,2017   2pm   Simulation Center Finances

Click here for the 2017 flyer!

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