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Inpatient Crisis Response System Evaluation
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Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
05/19/2022 (PUH), 06/02/2022 (PASS), 06/07/2022 (EAST), 06/09/2022 (MKS), 06/09/2022 (Mercy), 06/15/2022 (SMH), 07/06/2022 (MKS), 07/08/2022 (EAST), 07/11/2022 (PASS), 07/18/2022 (Mercy), 08/02/2022 (EAST), 08/04/2022 (MKS), 08/23/2022 (Mercy), 09/06/2022 (MKS), 09/08/2022 (EAST), 09/13/2022 (Mercy), 10/05/2022 (EAST), 10/11/2022 (MKS), 11/03/2022 (EAST), 11/07/2022 (MKS), 12/06/2022 (MKS), 12/14/2022 (EAST)
Tom Dongilli, Debby Farkas
Thomas Dongilli 
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About the Course
Inpatient Crisis Response System Evaluation is utilized to perform assessments of floor staff, response teams and systems to medical emergencies.  Simulation sessions will be performed in various areas, including hospital units, procedures areas and other designated locations within a facility.  Performance data will be recorded and reports will then be generated.  This course can be customized to your institution's needs.

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