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Introduction to Moderate Sedation for Nurses - Providing Safe Care
Course Abbreviation
Nurs: Intro Mod Sedation
Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
05/20/2022 (PASS), 05/27/2022 (SDY), 06/10/2022 (SDY), 07/08/2022 (SDY), 07/22/2022 (PASS), 08/22/2022 (SDY), 09/23/2022 (PASS), 09/30/2022 (SDY), 10/28/2022 (SDY), 11/11/2022 (SDY), 11/18/2022 (PASS), 12/23/2022 (SDY)
Darlene Hills, Betsy Tedesco
Christie Galcik 
Danica Derbis, Kimberly Fennick, Rebecca Kolb, Jennifer Linn, Kristen Lutz, Abbie Purney, Kristen Reiner, Rebecca Weiss 
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About the Course
This course is designed to introduce the nurse to the procedures to be utilized in order to provide safe care to the patient receiving moderate sedation for a procedure.

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