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HeartCode Basic Life Support - Part 1 Didactic
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HC BLS Part 1
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This is a virtual course with online content.
American Heart Association
Thomas Dongilli 
Jennifer Sinclair 
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About the Course
Heart Code BLS is an official AHA 2 part program designed for those individuals that are interested in self-paced, online BLS certification and recertification. Providers are presented with online course content and realistic patient cases. Participants are required to interact with the program to assess the patient, formulate a treatment plan (based on the BLS algorithms) and administer treatment.

  • Part I: The didactic portion requires the participants to complete online scenarios and written exam. This can be completed anywhere you have an internet connection. Average completion time 1 hour. Participants have 60 days from the time of completion of part I to complete part II.

  • Part II: The skills portion will be completed on-site at WISER. You can schedule your part II after you have successfully completed part I. Average time to completion is 45 minutes. Please contact wiserhelp@upmc.edu or call 412-648-6073 for scheduling part II.  

  • The course fee is $200.  This is a Non-Refundable Program. Once registered, WISER does not have the ability to refund your fees.

When you register for a class you will be prompted to login. If you do not have a WISER user account, follow the instructions on the login screen to create an account. You can then register for a class after the account creation process is complete.