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HeartCode Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Part 1 Didactic
Course Abbreviation
HC ACLS Part 1
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This is a virtual course with online content.
American Heart Association
Thomas Dongilli 
Bianca Caruso, Michelle Franco, Noreen Mahboob 
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About the Course

Heart Code ACLS is an official AHA 2 part program designed for those individuals that are interested in self-paced, online ACLS certification and re-certification. Providers are presented with, online course content and realistic patient cases. Participants are required to interact with the program to assess the patient, formulate a treatment plan (based on the ACLS algorithms) and administer treatment.

  • Part I: The didactic portion requires the participants to complete on-line scenarios and written exam. This can be completed anywhere you have an internet connection.  Average completion time 4.5 hours. Participants have 60 days from the time of completion of part I to complete part II.

  • Part II: The skills portion is facilitated by an AHA-certified ACLS instructor. You can schedule your part II after you have successfully completed part I. Average time to completion is 45 minutes. Please contact wiserhelp@upmc.edu or call 412-648-6073 for scheduling part II.  
  • The course fee is $300. This is a Non-Refundable Program. Once registered, WISER does not have the ability to refund your fees. 

Cancellation Policy: It is our general policy that unless otherwise stipulated,  if a participant cannot attend a class that is previously paid for, they must inform the course director by email at least 2 weeks prior to the class date for a full refund. Course director emails can be found on the directory page for each course on the WISER web site.  If the cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the class, the participant is subject to the revocation of a portion or the entire course fee to WISER.  In addition, they may be subject to a cancellation fee based upon a percentage of the course cost.

When you register for a class you will be prompted to login. If you do not have a WISER user account, follow the instructions on the login screen to create an account. You can then register for a class after the account creation process is complete.