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Dental Office Management of Emergency Situations
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Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
02/20/2023 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/27/2023 (WISER-4th Floor), 03/06/2023 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/13/2023 (WISER-3rd Floor)
Michael Cuddy, DMD, Joseph Giovannitti, DMD, John O’Donnell CRNA, DrPh
Michael Cuddy, Joseph Giovannitti, Edward Heinrichs, John O'Donnell 
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About the Course
The Dental Office Management of Emergency Situations (DOMES) course is designed to offer dental students and dental hygienists a set of core skills in identification, treatment and evaluation of dental office emergencies. Pre-class material will offer the student requisite information in managing realistic case scenarios. Hands on simulation sessions with structured debriefing will assist in skill development and will reinforce core safety concepts. Specific skill attainment will include medication administration and management, airway management, IM injection, use of AED defibrillator, appropriate use of CPR skills and development of communication skills within an office-based setting. Participants will:
  • Identify risk factors for dental office emergencies.
  • Develop specific psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain skill sets needed to effectively manage a dental office emergency.
  • Demonstrate identification and notification interventions for a dental office emergency.
  • Demonstrate effective management of dental office emergencies.

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