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Approach to the Pediatric Trauma Patient
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Brett McAninch, Rhett Lieberman, Noel Zuckerbraun, Melissa Vitale, Brian Shultz, Kavitha Conti, Melissa Guerra-Wallace, Kristin Stukus, Erika Jennings, Kerry Caparell
Rhett Lieberman, Brett McAninch 
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About the Course
Pediatric residents participate with the Pediatric Trauma Team and the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the care of pediatric trauma patients presenting to the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.   The role of a pediatric resident is as a contributing member of the trauma team in the most severe and life threatening traumas and as the initial provider in the less acute, non-life threatening traumas.   The purpose of this course is to provide the guidelines to the approach, assessment and management of the pediatric trauma patient to a non-surgical, non-trauma based group of medical providers such as pediatric residents.

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