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Get Ready for Residency Bootcamp
Course Abbreviation
EMED 4444
Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
04/25/2022, 04/26/2022, 04/27/2022, 04/28/2022, 05/02/2022, 05/03/2022, 05/04/2022, 05/05/2022, 05/09/2022, 05/10/2022, 05/11/2022, 05/12/2022, 05/16/2022, 05/17/2022, 05/18/2022, 05/19/2022
Adam Tobias, MD, MPH and Anna Donovan MD, MS
Anna Donovan, Adam Tobias 
Denise Downs, Alexis Morris, Janna Nelson 
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About the Course
This elective is an intensive preparation for students who are about to enter residency. Students will be provided with a combination of general and specialty-specific, clinically relevant content in a variety of modalities. The focus will be on content that will prepare the student to function at the starting level of an intern (and meet the expected intern-level milestones) after graduation. Students will be asked to select from one of the following tracks: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, OBGYN, or Psychiatry. Those students entering into a surgical residency or needing a surgical internship are encouraged to enroll instead in SURG 5700 Surgery ILS (which will also meet the boot camp requirement). Because we are unable to offer specialized tracks covering all possible specialties, students entering specialties other than those offered are encouraged to select the track that they find most relevant. The majority of the course content will be relevant to all students, regardless of specialty. Teaching modalities will include simulation, small group sessions, skills workshops, standardized patient cases, and a limited number of high-yield lectures.

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