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Anesthesia for Liver Transplantation
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06/07/2022 - CLOSED, 07/05/2022, 08/02/2022, 08/30/2022, 09/27/2022, 11/01/2022, 11/29/2022, 01/10/2023, 02/07/2023, 03/07/2023, 04/04/2023, 05/02/2023, 06/06/2023
Shushma Aggarwal MD, Charles Boucek MD, Raymond Planinsic MD
Charles Boucek, Ibtesam Hilmi, Marc Wicker 
Charles Boucek, Cynthia Kral, Raymond Planinsic, Tetsuro Sakai, Susan Shelton, Jesssica Warnock 
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About the Course
The Department of Anesthesiology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) offers this 6-8 hours course at WISER for anesthesiologist, residents, CRNA, SRNA, and Fellow-visitors. It is hands on experience in a simulation setting to provide anesthesia for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLTx). The course will be conducted by individuals who have a special interest and experience in Liver Transplant anesthesia and will emphasizes a multidisciplinary team approach which includes:
  1. pre-operative assessment
  2. operating room set up
  3. placement of central venous access, and insertion of wide bore venous lines for infusion of large volume
  4. invasive monitoring
  5. management of massive blood transfusion, coagulopathy, metabolic abnormalities
  6. physiological hemostastatic
  7. Special emphasis will be paid to issues with veno-venous bypass.
The course will be conducted in a format of most commonly seen clinical scenarios. After the end of each scenario the debriefing will be done by the instructor and the whole episode will be discussed in detail with the aid of video recording which will be monitored during the performance The attendee will have access to reading material, which he/she is expected to read prior to coming for the course. There will be a written test (multiple choice) before and after the course. Upon completing this course, the attendee should have an understanding of perioperative management of a liver transplant patient. He/she should be comfortable with invasive monitoring, assembling and use of the rapid infusion system, interpretation of thrombelastography, management of massive blood loss and physiological hemostasis.

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