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Foundations of Simulation in Healthcare: Module 2 Programming Your Laerdal SimMan
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Tom Dongilli
Thomas Dongilli 
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About the Course
Welcome to the "Foundations of Simulation in Healthcare Course Series" Module 2: Programming Your Laerdal SimMan. This one and one half day course is designed to assist those individuals who are interested in programming and operating their Laerdal SimMan. Participants will be taught Version 3.1 of the Laerdal SimMan software. A basic understanding of the SimMan software is required. This course is not designed to teach basic operations of the software.

Module 2. is a 9 topic course that will guide the participants, step by step, through the process of programming their Laerdal SimMan to meet their training needs.

Below are the topics for this course.

  • Topic 1. Introduction and session overview
  • Topic 2. Modes of Teaching Utilizing SimMan
  • Topic 3. Basic Software Interface
  • Topic 4. Programming Steps and Forms
  • Topic 5. Programming Trends
  • Topic 6. Programming Handlers
  • Topic 7. Programming Scenarios
  • Topic 8. Creative Uses for Your SimMan
  • Topic 9. Simulators vs. Simulation

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