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Designing or Enhancing Your Simulation Center
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Tom Dongilli
Thomas Dongilli 
Jennifer Sinclair 
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About the Course
Welcome to "Designing or Enhancing Your Simulation Center". This one day course is designed to assist those individuals or centers who are interested in designing new or updating existing simulation centers.

This is an 8 topic course that will guide the participants, step by step, through the process of identifying their training needs and designing a world class simulation center to meet those needs.

Below are the topics for this course.

  • Topic 1. Introduction to WISER and Course Overview
  • Topic 2. Identifying Your Center's Training Missions
  • Topic 3. Blueprints to Build Out, Designing Your Center
  • Topic 4. Identifying your Center's Audio and Video Needs
  • Topic 5. Administrative Considerations
  • Topic 6. Job Descriptions
  • Topic 7. Creating Environments
  • Topic 8. Additional Tips for Success

Course Fee: $695

Cancellation Policy: It is our general policy that unless otherwise stipulated,  if a participant cannot attend a class that is previously paid for, they must inform the course director by email at least 2 weeks prior to the class date for a full refund. Course director emails can be found on the directory page for each course on the WISER web site.  If the cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the class, the participant is subject to the revocation of a portion or the entire course fee to WISER.  In addition, they may be subject to a cancellation fee based upon a percentage of the course cost.

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